What is Disability Scooter Hamilton About?

The Hamilton, Georgia based company, Disability Scooter Hamilton, is one of the largest manufacturers of mobility scooters in the U.S. The company has been in business since the 1960s and has built a reputation for its superior quality and comfort. This article will give you some background information on what Disability Scooter Hamilton is all about, what kind of products they make, and where the company is headed in terms of sales growth.

Lewis Hamilton riding his Scooter through the Pitlane while the Race was Red Flag

What is the company doing differently than any of the other companies out there? Well, Hamilton is different in that they believe that everyone has a full life and that the goal of the company is to provide mobility devices to as many people as possible who have been diagnosed with a disability. They want to create mobility devices that are affordable and convenient for the average Joe. This is why they have designed their products to be easy to use and inexpensive.

The Mobility Scooter Hamilton company has developed three types of mobility scooters – a walker, a wheelchair, and an electric scooter. Their walkers are designed to go through residential environments, they have a folding arm that can be easily extended to enable the user to reach doors, and they can be easily folded up. The wheelchair models can also be folded up to be compact when not in use.

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