Uncontested Divorce Final Decree

The final resolution of an Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma can provide relief and a renewed sense of freedom, allowing you and your family to look forward to the next phase in your lives. While the uncontested divorce process may seem complicated, the proceedings leading up to the final divorce decree are often simple compared to a contested divorce proceeding and can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees.


Our attorneys work diligently on your behalf to provide efficient and inexpensive divorce representation from the initial filing to the final divorce decree. Our work has assisted countless clients in finding affordable and swift closure to non-functioning marriages. We understand the challenges the divorce process presents and your emotional needs during uncontested divorce proceedings, and work diligently to address both.

Reaching a Final Settlement

The final divorce decree will settle all property issues award retirement benefits and assign debt. If children are involved, the child support and custody issues are spelled out, including a detailed visitation schedule.

During the final decree proceedings, women are offered the opportunity to have their maiden names restored, without having to pay a separate filing fee for this administrative service. In sum, the final decree grants the dissolution of the marriage, ending your challenge and allowing you to move on to the next chapter in your lives.

Uncontested divorce proceedings, if all aspects are agreed upon, can take as few as 61 days to complete from the initial filing to the final divorce decree. The process offers inexpensive resolutions to what is likely an already challenging situation, leaving you and your family in the best financial situation possible to face the next phase in your lives.

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