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How An Australian Psychic Went World Wide

Patricia Bernard is an Australian psychic who moved to Europe, after living in the UK. Her popularity fastly grew, appearing on nearly every major English TV station and doing hundreds of radio broadcasts. Patricia had helped police solve a major crime that had touched many citizens hearts. After helping solve this crime she went viral and earned her reputation as one of the most accurate psychic readers the world has ever seen.

“When I started doing my readings I doubted my psychic ability a lot”. “I studied my craft like a possessed mad man and I was determined to be not an average psychic but someone who could really reach out and help others with accurate readings. I didn’t really care about the money at first but as my popularity grew I simply could not service every call. I reached out to people I knew in the psychic world and asked if they would like to work for me. I noticed straight¬†away that formal training was lacking in my industry and that some of the most highly regarded psychic readers were lacking certain skill sets. I then held training every Tuesday night at my house for my employees and think from there my reputation grew in the supernatural world.

How Long Have You Been Training Others?

Patricia Bernard was very humble with this question, her answer was she had been training others for over 15 years. Including some very big names in the psychic community. From mediums to tarot card readers her skill set is broad and she has been able to help hundreds of psychics learn and fine-tune their craft. “In the beginning, it was scary, like telling others what to do how to zone in and out and force greater accuracy with their readings. It is not easy to start but in the end i kind of just naturally gravitated to filling that teacher/mentor role.

Relocating Back To Australia & Starting A New Psychic Business

I always considered myself an Aussie even after living in the UK for over 20 years I always kept a light Australian accent. On many calls, people would be surprised as they expected an English accent. I was asked many time is this really Patricia Bernard or have I been put through to another one of her psychic readers. It would make me laugh, to begin with, but eventually, I just got used to it. Business is booming her now in Australia and I think from memory we are the third largest phone psychic readings business here in Australia. My goal is not really financial anymore I have made my money and I just want to settle down and help those in needs. Our business specializes mainly in love readings and financial help.



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