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While social media is not dead, SEO and SEM have at least been proven to drive targeted Web traffic that can be converted into sales and revenue to make money online for small business.

This article shows how small businesses can refocus their marketing efforts into a more productive content marketing, SEO and SEM strategy that incorporates social media.


Small business SEO & SEM is social media marketing

I think it is important to stress a point about SEM that I think many small businesses fail to understand. That is:

Content produced for SEO, is content produced for social media marketing!

In other words, SEO is the larger discipline as it encapsulated most of social media marketing, as well as other disciplines like Web server speed, performance, search rankings, blogging, and so on.

Don’t feel that focusing your resources on SEO is neglecting social media. In fact, creating content for search and search marketing is the fundamental basis of social media marketing.

By creating highly focused, highly local content to capture and dominate relevant organic search terms, you also create a platform for social engagement and debate.

Why focus on small business SEO & SEM?

Never forget that the majority of all Internet traffic originates with search – the largest share of the pie is organic search traffic. Not only that, but organic search traffic has been proven to convert to sales and revenue for online business.

I don’t need to quote statistics on this because I have got it working for SEO Entrepreneur. SEO Entrepreneur, by developing one of the best SEO Web platforms around, and through the creation of valuable, high quality content, generates sustained revenue and business from organic search traffic.

By focusing your resources on building up an engaging body of content that will drive highly qualified organic search traffic from important SEO keywords and phrases, you are not only building your Web traffic, but sucking it away from your competition.

An offensive SEO and SEM strategy can be as much about winning traffic, as it is about winning traffic from your competitors – while you feed, they starve.

How to implement small business SEO & SEM

Once you’re resolved to start driving valuable organic search traffic in order to grow your business online, you need to know how to do it efficiently. Creating Web content for humans, that is also easily consumed and highly ranked by Google and other search engines is not a trivial task.

To implement a successful SEO and SEM campaign in 2019, you will need:

  • high quality content
  • content SEO
  • technical SEO
  • Speed & performance
  • social engagement
  • local SEO

Creating high quality content that is easy to read, useful and engaging is your first priority. It means that you either have to invest time and energy getting your own people to write well and understand SEO, or get an established blogger, SEO and social influencer on the payroll.

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