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Futura Is A Phone Systems Company In Sydney

Since 2017, Futura Telcom has consistently met the telephone equipment and system needs of our clients throughout Sydney Australia, OK, with a complete selection of affordable products and services. Contact Futura

As a trusted AT&T authorized agent, we sell only the highest-quality products and services to our clients. We consistently offer leading technology, including VoIP service, in Futura City, and we stay up to date with industry trends and changes. Our communication solutions include the following:

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  • Information and voice management
  • Wireless networking solutions
  • High-speed internet connectivity
  • LAN and WAN networking
  • Around-the-clock client support and software solutions
  • Much more

For many businesses in North Sydney City, business VoIP is a critical part of their communications package. If you already have VoIP installed, you can count twenty-four-hour support from factory-certified technicians to provide the service and assistance you need when you need it most. Futura Telcom has its own facilities and technicians to ensure that we can consistently uphold our high standards of excellence. Our highly trained and experienced professional technicians have the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to diagnose and repair your existing equipment.

We are committed to client satisfaction and will do all that we can to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We can provide personalized support for a range of issues and concerns, including the following:

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  • Eight-hundred services and a local area network
  • International Calls
  • Frame relay or virtual private network
  • Video processing systems
  • Voice mail and interactive voice response
  • Automated call distribution centers


A wide variety of technologies available on the market of communication services, enables even the smallest companies to conduct business communication at a high enough level. Thanks to the numerous features that offer an IP telephony system, corporate communication has become faster, easier and more affordable.

Imagine a small business that needs to constantly be in touch with your customers. Legacy PBX (which requires a separate seat harness and proper maintenance) can hardly cope with the huge flow of calls and messages. A copper line and an analog telephone set is definitely not the kind of communications system that will enable the entrepreneur to develop.

Small companies just have to be aware of the latest technological trends to apply the most advanced technology. But before you begin your search for the best solution, it is necessary to clarify some points. It is necessary to establish criteria for selection of service provider and find out what technologies and capabilities the company will receive.


Unified communications (MC) is an advanced solution that enables businesses to maintain internal and external communications in a variety of ways. Almost instant connection on all possible communication channels from a single interface. Instant chat, web conferencing, presence information and much more – all this diversity of possibilities is available to users of UK.

Hosted PBX is a cloud – based, virtual phone system hosted in the data center . Thanks to hosted PBX, small businesses can allow employees to work from any remote location, providing them with everything necessary for effective interaction.


Scalability. The VoIP provider should take into account all your needs in communications. To add a new feature or phone line should be as easy as to remove them – all in real time.

Flexibility. Your provider should not offer “standard” solution. The end user is the one that actually needs to control the system. The provider should offer you to choose VoIP and SIP trunk because the only way you will be able to effectively manage the cost of communication.


You will work together with colleagues or partners wherever they are. Advanced collaboration technologies allow to achieve flexibility and sustainable development.

For nearly 20 years, IP telephony is working for the good of the business as a Mature commercial technology. However, many organizations have not yet managed to benefit fully.

Moreover, according to researches, only 28% of companies can boast of full implementation of IP in the terminal equipment. Often they get stuck somewhere in the middle, choose a hybrid configuration or completely refuse to “jump” to TDM.

Particularly clumsy in this regard, large companies, more than half of whom prefer hybrid communication systems (IP+TDM).

What prevents the “pros” to make the final choice in favor of IP-telephony?

Poor awareness

Sometimes managers do not possess information about the main advantages of “albification” communication systems – reducing operating costs and improving the quality of communication.

Budget constraints

Agree, sometimes it is difficult to justify the cost of upgrading a running system. Why change something if there is support, and get parts easy.

The lack of demand

It is logical to think that any new technology should be based on real demand.

The intractability of the infrastructure

Old buildings, hard to reach cables, overtime… These factors can discourage to upgrade the hardware for years to come.

All this is not about you? Then feel free to upgrade, because IP telephony is compelling “economizer” across the spectrum of costs.

Cost analysis the study covered the capital costs, and costs for the introduction and operation of IP systems. Savings business total costs when total ipofisario was 8%.

This figure is equally applicable to all configurations (local, hybrid TDM-IP and cloud). In addition, the researchers were able to quantify a number of advantages of IP-telephony:

  • Full-time equivalent (FTE) management systems: -22%
  • Costs for maintenance and repair of equipment: -34%
  • The costs of moves, adds and changes (MAC): -31%
  • Mean time to repair (MTTR): -71%

Average total costs per unit of terminal equipment in the IP network amounted to approx. 680 USD. USA (approx. $ 735. United States in the hybrid system). In addition, the total saving in the implementation of IP telephony system (more than 1000 terminals) reached 9%.

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