Telephone Psychics

How An Australian Psychic Went World Wide

Patricia Bernard is an Australian psychic who moved to Europe, after living in the UK. Her popularity fastly grew, appearing on nearly every major English TV station and doing hundreds of radio broadcasts. Patricia had helped police solve a major crime that had touched many citizens hearts. After helping solve this crime she went viral and earned her reputation as one of the most accurate psychic readers the world has ever seen.

“When I started doing my readings I doubted my psychic ability a lot”. “I studied my craft like a possessed mad man and I was determined to be not an average psychic but someone who could really reach out and help others with accurate readings. I didn’t really care about the money at first but as my popularity grew I simply could not service every call. I reached out to people I knew in the psychic world and asked if they would like to work for me. I noticed straight away that formal training was lacking in my industry and that some of the most highly regarded psychic readers were lacking certain skill sets. I then held training every Tuesday night at my house for my employees and think from there my reputation grew in the supernatural world.

How Long Have You Been Training Others?

Patricia Bernard was very humble with this question, her answer was she had been training others for over 15 years. Including some very big names in the psychic community. From mediums to tarot card readers her skill set is broad and she has been able to help hundreds of psychics learn and fine-tune their craft. “In the beginning, it was scary, like telling others what to do how to zone in and out and force greater accuracy with their readings. It is not easy to start but in the end i kind of just naturally gravitated to filling that teacher/mentor role.

Relocating Back To Australia & Starting A New Psychic Business

I always considered myself an Aussie even after living in the UK for over 20 years I always kept a light Australian accent. On many calls, people would be surprised as they expected an English accent. I was asked many time is this really Patricia Bernard or have I been put through to another one of her psychic readers. It would make me laugh, to begin with, but eventually, I just got used to it. Business is booming her now in Australia and I think from memory we are the third largest phone psychic readings business here in Australia. My goal is not really financial anymore I have made my money and I just want to settle down and help those in needs. Our business specializes mainly in love readings and financial help.



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Tipi Party


Kids Tipi Party Hire Ideas

Coming up with birthday party ideas can seem like a daunting task. Kids teepee parties are new hip and fun. A tent party can be really fun and enjoyable for all. Everything from creating the invitations to receiving the guests, to saying goodbye and having your child’s slumber birthday filled with magical tents that light up the room and the bright faces of your children. And let’s face it – shouldn’t that be the case on this very special day? The best ideas usually have one thing in common: the kids are busy and engaged, there’s plenty of fun for the sleepover and the decoration is just great!

Kids Party House sleepover teepees, are always bubbling with new ideas. They are experts in planning out small teepee parties as well as large-scale entertainment for kids of all ages. Get in touch them us to find out how you can make your party one-of-a-kind. While you are here at our site, check out some great birthday party ideas!

If you are planning party entertainment for both boys and girls, then identify what interests both groups. Some kids may prefer puppet shows with all the laughing and goofing around. Others may be more inclined to magic shows or clowns. Personalization is key. But for any playgroup party, organize the entertainment based on their preferences, age, and gender. There are dozens of low price activities available out there.

Birthday party ideas can be altered, to fit any group. Entertaining kids isn’t rocket science but it does require some preparation.

The teepee your children will sleep overnight in:
Looking for a great theme party idea? This one will be more successful if the word ‘teepee’ is never used until everyone’s laughing and having a good time. In school, kids normally do not have lots of fun while learning about history and how the North American Indians lived. As a party planner, you can bring fun back into learning.

Get online and pick your theme for the party. Jungles, Reptiles, Space, Worms, Fluffy Animals etc… choose wisely. The theme can make or break the mood. Choose a theme that will go well with your slumber tipi party. A birthday party idea that never fails is one built on the ‘Jungle Theme’. We have elaborated how you can find entertainment for kids by just using a little creativity.

Setting the stage
Invitations: For the invitations to convey the mood, you will want a few things: the color green, pictures (drawn or printed) of trees, and maybe string that can act as vines and other types of foliage of the forests. Keep the invitations simple, but apt!

Jungle Invasion: Quickly bring the jungle into your home wiyth amazing jungle tents. It will add to the party entertainment. In the jungle, things are wild and scattered. Hang things from the ceiling such as towels, vines, or even facts about the jungle – pasted to the string and written on green cards or brown ones that are shaped to fit the jungle theme. The good decoration is very important!

This birthday party idea is coming together nicely. Your decoration can be limited to one room or one level, or the entire house! Talking about decoration, how about placing green cardboard around a light. No magic show perhaps, but instant party entertainment. And a low price too! Don’t forget the audio. A DJ would always be welcome or you can just record animal sounds to liven the mood.

Be creative with the decorations. A banner that reads ‘Tread carefully traveler – learning ahead!’ is sure to catch everyone’s attention. You can even customize the food to fit the teepee jungle theme. Animal sounds karaoke will engage even the quietest guest. Last but not least, the cake and the clown should top it all!

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 Biography of author Alyssa BrugmanIn 2014 she was awarded a PhD in Communication from Canberra University.
She currently runs a small business providing hoof care, equine rehabilitation and producing nutritional supplements for horses.

She submitted her first manuscript, Finding Grace, to the Australian Vogel Literary Award in 1998. While the novel did not receive an award, it was published.

Her books are:
  • Finding Grace 2001
  • Walking Naked 2002
  • Being Bindy 2004
  • For Sale or Swap,
  • Beginner’s Luck
  • Hot Potato
  • Hide & Seek
  • Greener Pastures
  • Solo 2007
  • The Equen Queen 2007
  • Girl Next Door 2009
The most recent novel is ‘Alex as Well’ with Text Publishing Australia in January 2013.

Alyssa’s books have been short listed for the NSW Premier’s Literary Award (Ethel Turner Prize), the Queensland Premier’s Literary Award, the CBCA Book of the Year (Older Readers – Honour Book), the Sanderson Young Adult Audio Book of the Year, and the Best Designed Young Adult Book APA Design Awards, the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards, the Michael Printz Award, the Kids Own Australian Literature Award, The Young Australian Best Book Awards and the Children’s Choice Book Awards, the Children’s Peace Literature Award, selected for the ‘Books Alive’ Campaign, and listed as a Voices of Youth Advocates “Top Shelf Fiction” book, and the Adelaide Festival Literature Award.

Alyssa’s books have been translated into nine languages – Turkish, Portugese, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Korean and German.
Alyssa lives in the Hunter Valley.
Welcome to the website of YA author Alyssa Brugman
Author of 12 Young Adult novels and a regular name on shortlists for several Australian literary prizes, Alyssa Brugman is a master at addressing the key issues of adolescence in the form of highly entertaining stories. Her themes include friendship, identity, sexuality and family, and her novels have captured the imagination of teens across Australia.