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HVAC Charlotte NC are committed to ensuring your home-heating system is operating at peak efficiency all year long. If you need new equipment, we will offer a range of options suited to your specific requirements.

To make sure we offer only what you need, a highly trained Castor Comfort Advisor will complete an in-home assessment of your needs, including a heat-loss and heat-gain calculation before we recommend an appropriate solution. This will ensure proper size and a proper fit based on your individual needs.

In-floor heating is more than just a luxury to warm our feet in the bathroom on those cold winter mornings. Combined with a high-efficiency radiant-heat boiler system, it can be one of the most cost-effective and stable ways to heat your home.

With in-floor heating, your entire floor becomes a warm, cold-chasing radiator. And that is far more efficient than blasting warm air through a small vent to heat an entire room. And you can cover it with anything—from wood and carpeting to tile, marble and vinyl.

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