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In my case, I always like to be the hard hitting up in your face class, usually wielding large heavy weapons that slows attack speed a bit. With this in mind, the only class that suited me was the Fighter class after checking review sites.

Upon receiving WebZen’s upgrade for my character for testing purposes I was level 50. I then was faced with a another choice. There are 3 sub classes for the fighter  main class.
Blade master

Personally I tested both blade master and warrior, and one of our other testers tried guardian. Blademaster seems like the subclass that would do the most damage. Upon review it seemed that both Warrior and Blademaster do very similar damage on most enemies. Their skills are almost identical with each other apart from a few special skills. I unlocked all skills and passive skills to their max. Grabs I did not unlock.
I didn’t have a chance to hands on with the Guardian subclass, but from what I saw it is the more tanking class.

Blade master = damage+ health-
Warrior = balanced
Guardian = damage- health+

Skills were very heaving hitting on these subclasses but also slow for the most part, and didn’t have much range at all.

Out of all the skills on my warrior 2-3 were effective at mid ranges. Long-range? forget it.

Don’t let that discourage you though, this class is a force to be reckoned with.
Although it’s attacks are very short-ranged, when you pull someone in it is very hard for them to escape with a lot of health, if any at all.

One thing about this game though is that there is almost no buffs whatsoever. There is one buff on my warrior and also there is a fury bar, only active outside PVP. fury bar give a warrior faster attack speed and higher strength for a short period of time.

All in all the Fighter class is a good class if your looking for a class that has a lot of heath and can inflict some major damage. You may have to get in close and time your attacks wisely but all in all it is a great class.

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