C9 Warrior review – Online Gaming

In my case, I always like to be the hard hitting up in your face class, usually wielding large heavy weapons that slows attack speed a bit. With this in mind, the only class that suited me was the Fighter class after checking review sites.

Upon receiving WebZen’s upgrade for my character for testing purposes I was level 50. I then was faced with a another choice. There are 3 sub classes for the fighter  main class.
Blade master

Personally I tested both blade master and warrior, and one of our other testers tried guardian. Blademaster seems like the subclass that would do the most damage. Upon review it seemed that both Warrior and Blademaster do very similar damage on most enemies. Their skills are almost identical with each other apart from a few special skills. I unlocked all skills and passive skills to their max. Grabs I did not unlock.
I didn’t have a chance to hands on with the Guardian subclass, but from what I saw it is the more tanking class.

Blade master = damage+ health-
Warrior = balanced
Guardian = damage- health+

Skills were very heaving hitting on these subclasses but also slow for the most part, and didn’t have much range at all.

Out of all the skills on my warrior 2-3 were effective at mid ranges. Long-range? forget it.

Don’t let that discourage you though, this class is a force to be reckoned with.
Although it’s attacks are very short-ranged, when you pull someone in it is very hard for them to escape with a lot of health, if any at all.

One thing about this game though is that there is almost no buffs whatsoever. There is one buff on my warrior and also there is a fury bar, only active outside PVP. fury bar give a warrior faster attack speed and higher strength for a short period of time.

All in all the Fighter class is a good class if your looking for a class that has a lot of heath and can inflict some major damage. You may have to get in close and time your attacks wisely but all in all it is a great class.

Clinical Psychology Degrees Northern Beaches

Psychologist Northen Beaches Marcela Nolasco Spiritual & Mental Healer

Marcela Nolasco is a great Australian Psychologist and mental health care professional. Her no-nonsense common sense approach to esoteric philosophy set him apart from all contemporaries of his time. northern beaches psychologist

Years of intense personal search culminated in an enlightenment experience at the age of thirty, which Marcela later called “becoming one with Everything and Nothing,” or experience of the “Absolute.” Her subsequent esoteric teachings, embodied in what he called “The Albigen system,” laid out practical ways and means of searching for Ultimate self-definition. Rather than assuming what Truth is, Marcela advocated backing into Truth by negating or subtracting that which is found to be an untruth, through an introspective psychological method he called “Zen psychoanalysis.”

Related image

Shunning dogma, ritual, concept-building, unproven belief and postulation about Enlightenment, Marcela advised a psychological search that attacks the mind in order to prove whether there is a soul or God within, all the while casting aside that which is found to be patently absurd, foolish and false.

Marcela Nolasco Opened Little Steps Psychology Northern Beaches And Helps Other Clinical Psychologist


If you want to earn your clinical psychology degree online, you need to be even more focused. You need to work towards finding reputable programs and accredited degree courses that will help you to get the education for the betterment of your career.

Some online programs are less than credible and have been notoriously labeled as degree mills. These are typically not the type of online degree programs that you want to pursue if you are looking for a professional degree and career. You will want to work with top-rated schools and online programs that have proven to offer successful results for students who attend their courses.

Image result for psychologist

Getting a clinical psychology degree online is a great way to further your education and achieve your career goals, even when you don’t have the time or means to get a typical college education. Today, of course, there is nothing typical about taking physical classes. More and more people choose the online course program route to achieve their career goals. If you are following this educational path, you need to be sure that you are working with reputable schools and accredited online programs so that your degree is as useful as you need it to be for your future career goals.

Read On For More On Clinical Psychology Degree Online:

Going back to school isn’t easy. While many people think that online courses are the ‘easy’ road, they aren’t as simple as you might think. Online programs do offer convenience and affordable education options for people, but the courses are usually self-study programs, which is a lot harder than sitting in a classroom and taking notes. You have to be dedicated and committed to your education in order to get your clinical psychology degree online. With the right dedication and an accredited school program, you should have no trouble getting the education that you need.

If you look at a program and their resources don’t seem legitimate, or if you’ve never heard of the school, you will need to check them out thoroughly before signing up for their clinical psychology degree online program. Make sure that the school is accredited by the state that you live in and check the transferability of your credits in case you need that option later. Try to stick with programs and colleges that are well-known within the industry because they will always have the best programs available to online students. However, as long as you find a reputable program that offers the degree that you need, the choice is ultimately going to be yours to make.

Why A Clinical Psychology Degree?

A degree in clinical psychology will allow you to understand the functioning of the human brain better and at the same time allow individuals who are distressed by various psychological issues to seek some psychological aid and reprieve. In order to start practicing as a  clinical psychologist there is the mandatory education that you need to seek. There is also the provision of getting a license before you seek practicing as a clinical psychologist. The main requirement to obtain the license in order to start practicing is a doctorate in clinical psychology.

A masters degree as well as a doctorate in clinical psychology are the degree’s which are made available at the university level. Students seeking to study for them need to get enlisted in the universities and pursue their education towards the same. Clinical psychology at the university level surely becomes more advanced and offers new complexities in subjects for the students to   opt for and study. The courses that you can choose to study for clinical psychology at the university include the basic masters degree, A PhD in psychology, A doctorate in Psychology as well as a doctorate in philosophy. The doctorate level courses for any subject including clinical psychology in the university includes a project dissertation which would have to be submitted as well as an year long internship program.

The advantages of pursuing these higher courses in the university for clinical psychology is that it not only increases your knowledge and understanding of the subject but at the same time allows you to broaden your job opportunities too. if you get a doctorate degree in clinical psychology from the university you can now very easily land up with a job opening in a good place or even start practice on your own. It is usually seen that individuals with a doctorate degree generally either join a research institute or start practicing in a clinic or their own.



What It Takes to Be a HVAC Concord Technician

HVAC Concord technicians are relied upon to repair, install, and service heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems in homes, office buildings, schools, hospitals, and various other commercial locations. It is a highly skilled job and earning a HVAC certification gives the skills and credentials that are highly marketable in the job market, since some many people across the world use heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems to provide comfort for their families, customers, and patients.


HVAC Concord technicians must like to fix things and are expected to have a wide knowledge of mechanical and electrical elements to install, diagnose problems, and perform maintenance on heating, air, and ventilation systems. Not all states require HVAC technicians to be HVAC certified, but getting a HVAC certification will definitely help ones chances of getting hired, advancing ones earnings, and increase ones skill level. There are a variety of community colleges, vocational schools, online courses, and several other sources available that offer HVAC certification classes and testing. Generally, HVAC certification courses are not just listening to an instructor teach the course material.

HVAC Concord Technician Course
The courses required to gain a HVAC certification are more hands on with plenty of practical application sessions. Although there will be some classroom instruction, most of the lessons and courses will be through the practical application. Since state and local requirements are different someone attending classes can expect to be in courses anywhere between six months to two years.

Apprenticeships or on-the-job training programs may also be required by employers. The apprenticeship might last between six months and five years. Because working with heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems is a skilled job and these fields have HVAC technicians can expect to work inside and outside at different points of the day.

Other than being highly skilled in mechanical and electrical components, HVAC technicians can also expect to deal with customers for whom they are doing repairs and installations. For instance, the HVAC technician may have to articulately explain to a home owner why the heat or air conditioning stopped working in the house and what it will take or cost to fix the problem.many developments on going training is essential to keep ones skills and knowledge up to date. Government regulations may also require HVAC technicians to continue their education to make sure skill levels and knowledge are current with new developments.

An HVAC technician on the job.
HVAC technicians are employed in various ways. HVAC technicians can be employed by an industrial organization that specializes in HVAC services or organizations that need HVAC technicians for services inside the organization. HVAC technicians may also be self-employed by starting a new business venture, which involves gaining a client base and ensuring sound financial practices among many other aspects involved in running a business. HVAC technicians can also enter into employment agreements contractual, which would bind the HVAC technician to work on a job or with an employer for a set amount of time.

SEO Tips by Search Consulting

While social media is not dead, SEO and SEM have at least been proven to drive targeted Web traffic that can be converted into sales and revenue to make money online for small business.

This article shows how small businesses can refocus their marketing efforts into a more productive content marketing, SEO and SEM strategy that incorporates social media.


Small business SEO & SEM is social media marketing

I think it is important to stress a point about SEM that I think many small businesses fail to understand. That is:

Content produced for SEO, is content produced for social media marketing!

In other words, SEO is the larger discipline as it encapsulated most of social media marketing, as well as other disciplines like Web server speed, performance, search rankings, blogging, and so on.

Don’t feel that focusing your resources on SEO is neglecting social media. In fact, creating content for search and search marketing is the fundamental basis of social media marketing.

By creating highly focused, highly local content to capture and dominate relevant organic search terms, you also create a platform for social engagement and debate.

Why focus on small business SEO & SEM?

Never forget that the majority of all Internet traffic originates with search – the largest share of the pie is organic search traffic. Not only that, but organic search traffic has been proven to convert to sales and revenue for online business.

I don’t need to quote statistics on this because I have got it working for SEO Entrepreneur. SEO Entrepreneur, by developing one of the best SEO Web platforms around, and through the creation of valuable, high quality content, generates sustained revenue and business from organic search traffic.

By focusing your resources on building up an engaging body of content that will drive highly qualified organic search traffic from important SEO keywords and phrases, you are not only building your Web traffic, but sucking it away from your competition.

An offensive SEO and SEM strategy can be as much about winning traffic, as it is about winning traffic from your competitors – while you feed, they starve.

How to implement small business SEO & SEM

Once you’re resolved to start driving valuable organic search traffic in order to grow your business online, you need to know how to do it efficiently. Creating Web content for humans, that is also easily consumed and highly ranked by Google and other search engines is not a trivial task.

To implement a successful SEO and SEM campaign in 2019, you will need:

  • high quality content
  • content SEO
  • technical SEO
  • Speed & performance
  • social engagement
  • local SEO

Creating high quality content that is easy to read, useful and engaging is your first priority. It means that you either have to invest time and energy getting your own people to write well and understand SEO, or get an established blogger, SEO and social influencer on the payroll.

Good Flooring stores Charlotte NC

We offer a bespoke parquet floor installation service. Meaning there are many options which you can choose from to match your surroundings or fit your own personal style. From start to finish our expert advice is available free of charge and we offer a no obligation free site survey. Where we can design and discuss the options for your perfect parquet floor. We can show you parquet floor styles and bring many samples of hardwood floor species. Our installation area that we cover is NC and the surrounding areas but please do not be afraid to ask if we can come to an area near you. Also from our many years of experience in the industry we may be able to offer some advice, products or services in your area .



Solid Wood Flooring Installation

We sell solid wood flooring at competitive prices and we stock many European oak products. We believe in providing quality products which helps us to provide a quality looking floor for you once installed. We offer solid wood flooring installation, all our tradesmen are fully trained fitters and have many years experience. All Our solid wood floor fitters work for us and only us. Please don’t be afraid to give us a call as we don’t bite. All our prices our very competitive, we will try to work with you on design and on budget.


Engineered wood flooring

Flooring stores Charlotte NC engineered wood flooring products are now available to purchase online or in our flooring shop or if you prefer you can view our products online and then give us a ring and we can arrange delivery over the phone, its up to you. We can also arrange samples which can be sent out in the post for you to view in your home at your leisure.


Telephone Psychics

How An Australian Psychic Went World Wide

Patricia Bernard is an Australian psychic who moved to Europe, after living in the UK. Her popularity fastly grew, appearing on nearly every major English TV station and doing hundreds of radio broadcasts. Patricia had helped police solve a major crime that had touched many citizens hearts. After helping solve this crime she went viral and earned her reputation as one of the most accurate psychic readers the world has ever seen.

“When I started doing my readings I doubted my psychic ability a lot”. “I studied my craft like a possessed mad man and I was determined to be not an average psychic but someone who could really reach out and help others with accurate readings. I didn’t really care about the money at first but as my popularity grew I simply could not service every call. I reached out to people I knew in the psychic world and asked if they would like to work for me. I noticed straight away that formal training was lacking in my industry and that some of the most highly regarded psychic readers were lacking certain skill sets. I then held training every Tuesday night at my house for my employees and think from there my reputation grew in the supernatural world.

How Long Have You Been Training Others?

Patricia Bernard was very humble with this question, her answer was she had been training others for over 15 years. Including some very big names in the psychic community. From mediums to tarot card readers her skill set is broad and she has been able to help hundreds of psychics learn and fine-tune their craft. “In the beginning, it was scary, like telling others what to do how to zone in and out and force greater accuracy with their readings. It is not easy to start but in the end i kind of just naturally gravitated to filling that teacher/mentor role.

Relocating Back To Australia & Starting A New Psychic Business

I always considered myself an Aussie even after living in the UK for over 20 years I always kept a light Australian accent. On many calls, people would be surprised as they expected an English accent. I was asked many time is this really Patricia Bernard or have I been put through to another one of her psychic readers. It would make me laugh, to begin with, but eventually, I just got used to it. Business is booming her now in Australia and I think from memory we are the third largest phone psychic readings business here in Australia. My goal is not really financial anymore I have made my money and I just want to settle down and help those in needs. Our business specializes mainly in love readings and financial help.



Good Plumbers Rock Hill SC

Rock Hill SC homeowners and businesses can be sure of the cost when they call  24 Emergency Plumbers in Rock Hill SC. The company is transparent about its charges, with free estimates in most cases, along with no call-out fees and no hidden charges. You’ll know exactly how much you’re paying for the engineer’s time, and costs for parts will be explained to you so that you can decide whether to go ahead or not. Arranging plumbing and heating in Rock Hill SC couldn’t be easier – no matter what sort of work you want done, Our team from 24 Emergency Plumbers in Rock Hill SC can help. If you’re looking for competitive pricing, excellent service and quality work, you should get in touch today. The company its not corgi registered itself but in respect of all gas related repairs and installations we using only CORGI registered engineers.


Plumbers are highly qualified and we honor the code of ethics for Plumber Rock Hill SC. Whether you are looking to clear blocked drains, need 24 hour emergency plumbers, gas installations, hot water tanks & systems, sewer pipe repair & replacement or just some general plumbing repairs, contact Rock Hill SC plumbing services for piece of mind and a professional plumber guaranteed. Your piece of mind is our top priority which makes it easy to choose Rock Hill SC plumbing services as the best plumbers to solve your plumbing problems. All types & sizes of leaks, Faucets, Toilets, Garbage Disposals, Drain & Sewer Pipes, Gas Lines & Much more Call us to discuss any questions or Plumbing problems you have.

Charlotte Heating and Air Companies

When you decide to get Charlotte Heating and Air Companies done in your house, you need to maintain good communication with the home improvement contractors that you shall be dealing with. Hiring the local contractors is not enough. You need to follow up with them, check during the installation, provide your inputs and then, seal the deal properly after the completion of the HVAC installation.


Review all the home improvement contractors you can hire and choose the ones that suit your requirements. Have a talk and ask them for some rough home improvement estimates. If these are above your budget, you can try negotiating. If nothing works, start hunting again.

When you select the local contractors for your job, ask the home improvement contractors to provide you with a letter dealing with the scope of work. This letter should detail all the work they intend to do for the HVAC installation, along with any expectations they have from you. If you wish to have some of your own people working on the project as well, you should inform them beforehand as well.

Along with these, the local contractors should provide you with the specifications of the suitable heating and air conditioning unit.

Finally, the home improvement contractor should be able to provide you with a date of delivery, which will allow you to make the remaining plan and schedule for your HVAC installation.

Ask the home improvement contractors whether they can work during certain hours of the day that are suitable for your schedule. If not, you might have to make separate arrangements to ensure that they do the work properly. You also need to ask whether you need to make any special provisions for the contractors to do the job.

You can also ask the contractors about the areas of your house they will need access to. Normally, these areas include the washroom, backyard or other area to work in and the stairs, if any. These areas are mostly to help the contractors to work and move their equipment while installing the heating and air conditioning unit.

Tipi Party


Kids Tipi Party Hire Ideas

Coming up with birthday party ideas can seem like a daunting task. Kids teepee parties are new hip and fun. A tent party can be really fun and enjoyable for all. Everything from creating the invitations to receiving the guests, to saying goodbye and having your child’s slumber birthday filled with magical tents that light up the room and the bright faces of your children. And let’s face it – shouldn’t that be the case on this very special day? The best ideas usually have one thing in common: the kids are busy and engaged, there’s plenty of fun for the sleepover and the decoration is just great!

Kids Party House sleepover teepees, are always bubbling with new ideas. They are experts in planning out small teepee parties as well as large-scale entertainment for kids of all ages. Get in touch them us to find out how you can make your party one-of-a-kind. While you are here at our site, check out some great birthday party ideas!

If you are planning party entertainment for both boys and girls, then identify what interests both groups. Some kids may prefer puppet shows with all the laughing and goofing around. Others may be more inclined to magic shows or clowns. Personalization is key. But for any playgroup party, organize the entertainment based on their preferences, age, and gender. There are dozens of low price activities available out there.

Birthday party ideas can be altered, to fit any group. Entertaining kids isn’t rocket science but it does require some preparation.

The teepee your children will sleep overnight in:
Looking for a great theme party idea? This one will be more successful if the word ‘teepee’ is never used until everyone’s laughing and having a good time. In school, kids normally do not have lots of fun while learning about history and how the North American Indians lived. As a party planner, you can bring fun back into learning.

Get online and pick your theme for the party. Jungles, Reptiles, Space, Worms, Fluffy Animals etc… choose wisely. The theme can make or break the mood. Choose a theme that will go well with your slumber tipi party. A birthday party idea that never fails is one built on the ‘Jungle Theme’. We have elaborated how you can find entertainment for kids by just using a little creativity.

Setting the stage
Invitations: For the invitations to convey the mood, you will want a few things: the color green, pictures (drawn or printed) of trees, and maybe string that can act as vines and other types of foliage of the forests. Keep the invitations simple, but apt!

Jungle Invasion: Quickly bring the jungle into your home wiyth amazing jungle tents. It will add to the party entertainment. In the jungle, things are wild and scattered. Hang things from the ceiling such as towels, vines, or even facts about the jungle – pasted to the string and written on green cards or brown ones that are shaped to fit the jungle theme. The good decoration is very important!

This birthday party idea is coming together nicely. Your decoration can be limited to one room or one level, or the entire house! Talking about decoration, how about placing green cardboard around a light. No magic show perhaps, but instant party entertainment. And a low price too! Don’t forget the audio. A DJ would always be welcome or you can just record animal sounds to liven the mood.

Be creative with the decorations. A banner that reads ‘Tread carefully traveler – learning ahead!’ is sure to catch everyone’s attention. You can even customize the food to fit the teepee jungle theme. Animal sounds karaoke will engage even the quietest guest. Last but not least, the cake and the clown should top it all!

Best Wedding venues in Mornington Peninsula

Whether you’re searching for corporate meeting venues or a reception hall, Wedding venues in Mornington Peninsula offer the scenery, luxury, and services you need. Most noted as a beautiful wedding venue near Austin, TX, our hill and vineyard country backdrops offer the tranquility and beauty you’ve always dreamed of. Our original limestone building banquet hall boasts a 2700ft tented deck, pristine lawns, chic decor, catering kitchen, and the ability to host up to 275 guests! If you’re choosing our event space and banquet room as the perfect wedding venue for your special day, you’ll be pleased to learn that we provide a bridal suite, grooms parlor, ceremony site, reception area, rentals, and more!


Do you have an upcoming “special day” that does not include wedding bliss? Wedding venues in Mornington Peninsula make the perfect convention or conference center in the area! Located only 20 minutes outside of Austin your guests will feel as though they’ve been taken to a relaxing retreat outside of the city, without the long, dreadful commute. Whether you’re searching for a wedding banquet hall, party venues to host a Sweet Sixteen birthday, banquet facilities for a family reunion, or conference centers for an employee retreat or company meeting, let us show you how we’re unrivaled in beautiful scenery, satisfaction, and ambiance!